Thanksgiving in the USA, Thursday here

While it isn’t a holiday here in Canada, it is hard to miss the fact that while I sit in my office, just south of us, Thanksgiving is taking place right now.

And, being as I wasn’t doing this little blog thing on our Thanksgiving back in October, I will appropriate an American holiday as an excuse to list the things I am thankful for, right now.

  1. My family.  All of them. My husband, my mother, my brother and sister in law.  My step-son.  My cousins and my Aunts and Uncle (just the one uncle, yes, my family is teeny.)  I often read, or hear about, crazy family drama from my friends or online, and I really should let my family know more often how much I appreciate how great and easy-going they really are.
  2. My job.  I work for lovely, ethical people.  My daily environment is relaxed and respectful.  My hours are completely civilized. And let me tell you, having worked in television for years previously I do not take those things for granted.
  3. My upcoming move.  Being in a position to buy our new condo, which seemed like a dream just a couple years ago, is something that makes me monumentally happy and more relaxed about the future.
  4. My friends. They are the best, they really are.
  5. My online community.  Actually, scratch this one.  They too are my friends and belong up there with #4.  I shouldn’t have differentiated.
  6. My health.  Cliche or not, it’s true. If you have your health you have everything.  Just ask someone who doesn’t.

That’s it.  Everything else (yes, honey, even my beloved iPad) may make my life easier and better in certain ways, but all my possessions pale in comparison to the list above.

What are you thankful for today?  Take a moment and really think about who or what deserves your thanks today.


Our new future floors


Our new future floors

Roasted Maple.

We spent Saturday afternoon picking out the laminate flooring for our living room /dining room and bedrooms.  This is what we settled on (Muskoka Sand, alas, was sold out.)  This is a slightly darker tone, but not so dark as to show dust and dirt too hideously. Initially, we had planned to go with real hardwood, but turns out that isn’t even allowed because we need to put a soundproofing and cushioning underpad and that works best with laminate.

Dave insists we can do this ourselves, so, we shall see in January I guess…..

Waivers waived.

That’s it.

We have now signed away all our final options to get out of this thing. Condo is purchased.  Despite us not having seen any banking paperwork, we have been assured by no less than three different persons that we are golden and the bank would just love to give us many many thousands of dollars.  Fools.

At the same time, we were finally able to get our hands on the floor plan.  So, here it is.


Also today, we found a spectacular clearance sale on laminate flooring, which we may just have to jump on and figure out logistics of where we keep it for two months later….  Muskoka Sand Wide Plank, I think I love you.

Decisions to be finalized.  Soonish.

Hello World.

As Dave and I are about to embark on condo ownership here in Toronto, it felt like it might be good to document for posterity the reality of updating our new place.  A task that is guaranteed to invoke some laughter and most definitely some tears.