The Best Indian Tuba Christmas Caroling Birthday Night of all time…

Yesterday was Dave’s birthday, so I took him and his son to a small Indian restaurant we like nearby for dinner.

There was just us and one other table of about 8 people dining last night. As we were eating the lovely pistachio ice cream dessert the waitress had brought over for Dave, four tuba players came in playing Christmas carols. You know, as they do.

We and the other table applauded loudly when they were done their first song. Then the owner went over and requested that they play Happy Birthday for Dave. Which they gladly did. And the *other* table stood up and sang along with us. Then, the owner encouraged the tuba players to just keep going. So they played about 3 or 4 more short Christmas songs, even took requests. *Everyone* was singing along, even the staff (the owner started filming it all).  A waiter came around with a tray of mango lassi and vodka shooters for all the customers and the carolers. Then we all posed for some pictures, and the carolers left playing another song.

It felt like we were living a scene from some hip urban Christmas movie, probably starring, say, Jenna Elfman and Matthew Perry.

Remember to appreciate those unplannable moments in life, and just let things unfold. Kudos to the owner, who probably doesn’t even celebrate Christmas, for just letting this magical night happen.  Every customer left last night knowing that that was a special moment in time.  Make sure you recognize those when they happen. tubas

(Apologies for the poor quality smartphone picture – but I wasn’t really prepared for more!)